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Our favourite Oil Burners fuse elegance and function. Not only do these ceramic burners keep the bugs away but they also provide an ambient light for dining and relaxing. A bracket is provided to attach to your exterior wall, post or fence. Note the hanging snuffer attached to the bracket with the fishing line. This aids filling, keeps it dry and stops it from falling when birds settle on it. Replacement clear citronella oil and replacement wicks are available from Bunnings.

Oil Burners

SKU: burner
  • Maker:     Ken Ison     

    Measurements:       35L*36D

    Miscellaneous:  Citronella Oil & Wicks - Bunnings

    Medium:  Walkers #10 Stoneware:

                        Ison Pottery Glazes:

    Maturation: Gas fired - 1280c

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